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you better comeback with a sandwich! You want a sandwich, I want a real man, looks like we are both in for disappointment today.


A real man can make his own sandwich....hahaha. ;-)

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Q: When a guys says go make you a sandwich What is a good comeback?
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What is a Good comeback of make you a sandwich?

make it yourself

What is a good comeback for make you a sandwich?

As the Buddhist said to the deli owner; "Make me one with everything."

What is a good comeback for when you are asked to get a sandwich?

Well, I don't know the best comeback, but if you're not going to make that sandwich..... IDK, for love situations it seems like you should just make the sandwich, but I'm not with that. lol You could say, "I'm not your maid," "make your own," "no thanks." Just think about it a bit, you could even say, "You have legs." There are many possibilities, but being mean isn't always the best way to go.

When a guy says make me a sandwich What is a good comeback?

tell him to get off his backside and make it himself:) unless he asks nicely(aa)

How do you make good sandwich?

make it good

What is a good comeback for make you?

I don't make trash, I bury it.

What are some good stratedies to make a comeback during a baseball game the players?

What can a baseball player do to make a comeback if their losing

What if a good guy says make you a sandwich?

If you want, you can make him a sandwich. If you don't want to, you tell him to make his own sandwich.

What is a good comeback when a guy tells you to make him a sandwich?

I have actually done this before. I put both hands together so they look like a sandwich and placed it in front of him. He said "Very Funny". I told him his hands were not broken and my hands were not his slaves. He could make his own sandwich and respect me more. He got huffy and after a long time he finally relented and made his own sandwich. This was not my husband. My hunny makes ME sandwiches since I am disabled. He is a real sweetheart. You know, you could always just "comeback" with a sandwich.

What is a witty comeback when your boyfriend says go make you a sandwich?

I'm sorry hun, I think that the chef just left and he took all the food with him.

What is a good comeback when my husband asks for a sandwich?

Take a look at the XKCD comic below. Unless he's a UNIX geek, he's got no way out. Or Sandwiches do sound pretty yummy right now! You should make some!

What is a good way to make a tuna sandwich?

A good way to make a tuna sandwich depends on who makes it. Many people like their sandwiches different than others making it impossible to have a good way of making a tuna sandwich. However, one can find easy guides on how to make a tuna sandwich on websites like wikiHow.