When a guy touched your thighs?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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He is trying to get a signal from u that its ok so he can push the physical relationship farther.

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Q: When a guy touched your thighs?
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Your wife thighs are very often touched by men as thighs are big and fairhow to stop it?

may be she is wearing short skirts even showing panty.may be thighs are beautiful and smooth.ask her to move away with the first touch if possible.

What does it mean if a guy says you have big juicy tigh?

Your thighs are big.

Do boys like girls with fat thighs?

me personaly no but every guy is different

How to in love one guy?

He should be touched and kissed in private.

Batista's the wwe guy if he wrapp he's thighs thight around me you think he will squeeze hard?

He's bodyscissor thighs will squeeze ur body can't believe it

What has the author Guy L Myers written?

Guy L. Myers has written: 'Touched by the great physician'

If a guy rubs all over your butt your thighs and back while your on top of him and passionately kisses you is he really into you?

Ok if a guy passionatley kisses you then it means that he's into you. But if he rubs all over your butt, thighs, and your back then he's just a huge pervurt.

If you are a guy and like to be touched rather than doing the touching does it mean you are gay?

depends whether you want to be touched by men or women

A girl touched my shoulder and sat with another guy was she flirting?

It is quite possible that she was flirting with you. The fact that she touched you on your shoulder is a good indicator.

Why are paintings not allowed to be touched in a gallery?

because they are precious smart guy

What is it when a guy touches a girl when he desnt want to be touched?

That is called sexual harassment.

What does a guy touch most on a girl?

This depends on the guy, but generally, I would say that the most part of the girl touched are her hands.