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If a guy brings a gift and you know that he likes you then you should accept it if you feel the same way.

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It's ultimately up to you to decide whether to accept the gift. Consider your feelings towards the person and the intentions behind the gift. If you're comfortable accepting it, you can do so graciously; if not, it's okay to politely decline.

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Q: When a guy brings you a gift knowing that he likes you should you accept it or no?
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When a guy brings you a gift knowing that he likes you but you don't like him back Should you accept his gift or not?

You should refuse the gift. To accept it would be indicating to the guy that you like him back.

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i believe that the asian guy should accept that she likes him and should be flattered then after that go up to her and ask her to go out before she becomes upset.

Im pretty sure the guy i like likes me back what should i do and how should i ask him if he likes me im 15 btw?

you should just straight forwardly ask him if he likes you. but make sure the topic is appropriate. there's really no other way to get across to him knowing whether or not he likes you.

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you have to accept the fact that everything in this world is not fair... there are always instances that you have to face those facts.

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Say YES!

What should you do if this person likes you but you don't like them back?

You are not obligated to like anyone. You do not have to accept someone's friendship if you do not like them.

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First, you should ask yourself if you like him, after if you like him you should start knowing him by doing something with him and after you could go on a date with him ;) Good Luck

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When he likes you as a friend?

accept and move on

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well your cousin i out of luck but because your cousin should mean more then your should maybe try to see if you can pick another girl if not he shouls understand its life

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if you are a hundred percent sure she likes you, as you like her. go for it theres nothing to loose.. you should have enough confidence knowing she likes you the same way you like her goodluck!