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It means that you are a flatterer and pleases her such flattering. Keep on being a flatterer, but don't exaggerate, otherwise she begins not to believe on you anymore.

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Q: When a girl say your a nice flattered what does it mean?
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What is a nice way to deny a girl who asked you to turnabout?

Be polite and say Thank you I'm flattered but no - sorry.

How do you be a nice girl?

Complement them on something. Say nice and not mean things about them.

How do you ask a girl out if your afraid to?

Written By A Girl: Just Do it. I am flattered whenever I am asked by somebody and 1/2 times say yes.

What if a mean girl that's not nice likes that cute boy your crushing on?

No worries, he will find out how mean she is if she is as mean as you say she is.

What do you say if a girl asks you out but you dont want to go out with her?

tell her you have girlfriend but are very flattered and that she missed her oppurtunity

What does a girl mean when she say she don't know how to answer that?

(presuming u mean when u ask her out)she either doesn't know the beat way to say her answer, she is flattered and hasn't thought the question through, or she knows her answer but might be embarrassed if yours or her friends are around.

How do you say to a girl the she is nice?

you are really nice

What boys mean when they say ''you are so sweet'' to a girl?

he means you are nice and everything but he wants more from you. :)

What might a girl say if I say I like you?

every girl loves to be told that someone likes her even if she doesnt like them. im sure she would be flattered even if she didnt show it at first.

How do you say im flattered in Spanish?

The English phrase "I'm flattered" is translated to Spanish as: "Me halagas."

When a girl say your a nice flattere what does it mean?

You're good at complementing them, and it's usually code for "I like you, too."

You are 12 and your crush is 10 is it wrong to ask her out?

Yes!! Do you really like this girl? Because, me as a girl, would be flattered if someone asked me out. Go ahead. The worst she could say is no.