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Given the lack of information on condition; 1-200 USD

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Q: Whats the value of a ted Williams 200 slide action 12-gauge shot gun?
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Are there schematics for Stevens model 75 22 slide action?

schematics for a stevens model 75 22 slide action

Is Hayley Williams on one of the blue slide park song?

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Did Remington make a slide action in 30-30 Winchester?


What is the value of an Iver Johnson 22 caliber slide action long rifle made in West Germany?

The Targetmaster Slide Action, made by Erma in 1985, books at $175 in 100% condition.

Savage model 298 .22?

Yes this is a slide action .22

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How do you break down a bolt action riffle?

Open the action (like you are going to cycle a round) then pull and hold the trigger and bolt will slide out the rear of the action.

How do you put a v-350 slide action together?

see the link below.

What is the value of a Winchester slide action model 1897?

50-500 usd

Is it normal for your Winchester model 1300 shot gun to have its breech open by itself after firing?

Not only is it not NORMAL, it is not SAFE. Get it to a gunsmith. -- Well, it Depends -- We get a few of these every year. The Model 1300 used what USRAC called their 'Speed-Pump' technology, where the recoil of the shot actually assists in the slide action rearward stroke. What is happening is that your grip on the forearm is causing the slide to come rearward in recoil. To see if the action slide lock is functioning properly, rack the action (empty) and see if the forend will slide back without pushing the action slide lock release.

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What is the value of a Stevens Model 77 Slide Action Repeating Shotgun?

The value of a Stevens model 77 slide action repeating shotgun depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 75.00 and 110.00 as of 2014.