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the sweetest thing? tell her you think she is pretty.not hot or sexy. or beautiful just might work. but no boy/ guy uses pretty anymore and it is a very nice/sweet thing to say to a girl! but if your mean, or an ass, then [nothing. they hate you and nothing you can say will change that. go live alone.] is usually true.

Whats the sweetest thing you could sayto a girl? depends. how do you truly feel about this girl? the sweetest things always come from the heart. if shes special to you, just say what you think. don't get embarassed, its cute sometimes but after a while it gets annoying. don't get nervous. the look on her face and the rewards for it are farbetter than you can think.

The sweetest things you can say are things that only you can say to her that will make her feel special and important. If you say, "you are pretty" is sweet but if there is an inside joke between the two of you about southern accents and you say, "I just wanted to tell you that, gosh, you're so purdy." She will melt. Because it was you and only you that could have told her she is pretty in that way.

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Q: Whats the sweetest thing you could say to a girl?
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