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I have spoken to the Dr Grace Maree Anderson from Colac secondary college hearn st campus and she has informed me that pregnancy bloating is caused from a baby forming inside of you and period bloating is helped by going for a walk or going to the gym.

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Q: Whats the difference between period bloating and pregnancy bloating?
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What are the 1 week signs of pregnancy before any missed period could bloating be a sign?

Bloating is a very common sign in early pregnancy. It can however also be a sign of your period coming, as most women get bloated before their period. Common symptoms of pregnancy are nausea, frequent urination, change in appetite, bloating and fatigue.

What are pregnancy symptoms if you are over 40?

The first symptom is a missed period. Then sore breasts, bloating, and nausea.

Is sore breasts and bloating signs of early pregnancy?

Sore breasts and bloating can be a sign of pregnancy, but sore breasts can also be a sign your periods due. With the bloating it wouldn't usually occur until about 10wks in pregnancy as you will find yourself constipated which naturally enough would cause you to bloat. When you arrive on your period date you can home test :)

Is bloating sore nipples peeing every hour and a early light period and fatigue signs of pregnancy?

Yes it is

Are PMS symptoms and bloating feelings signs of early pregnancy?

Yes.. the same signs that usually mean your period is starting can also be signs of early pregnancy, if your period is late, I recommend doing a home pregnancy test. ~pawsalmighty

Does bloating mean im pregnant?

No, it probably means that you are about to have your period. Typically, the first sign of pregnancy is morning sickness, although you might miss your period before you have morning sickness.

I have my period and am very dizzy with other pregnancy symptoms - can I be pregnant?

There is a small chance you could be pregnant but with your period you can get dizzy, have cramps, bloating, headaches, backaches, and feel like you are pregnant. The best way to find out for sure is to take a pregnancy test.

How can you tell the difference between symptoms of pregnancy and stress I think Im pregnant because Im late on my period and have many other symptoms but I have been very stressed out lately too?

If you have already missed your period, take a pregnancy test and what that pregnancy test says is your answer

How long is pregnancy period of monkey?

A monkey's pregnancy period lasts between 164 - 187 days.

What is bloating as a sign of pregnancy?

Bloating can or may not be a sign of pregnancy. You may be very close to having your monthly period, which often causes bloating, or you may may be experiencing a bit of weigh gain. However, if you miss your period out of your normal expectant time every month, for atleast one month missed, you should take a pregnancy test. In the early days of pregnancy such as one to two months, expectant mothers usually have lots of cravings and then slip back thereafter to regular amounts until about 20 weeks gestation. So there are many answers actually to this question. Hope it was helpful!

What is difference between period and mensuration?

Assuming you meant 'menstruation' - they are both words for the same process - the cycle of a woman's body preparing for pregnancy.

Late period bloating constant urination cramping and a negative pregnancy test?

Until you get your period, you couldd still be pregnant, but it could just be too early to test. Wait and take another test.