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Pilsner is a variety of lager. Other varieties include bock, dunkel, and Oktoberfest/Maerzen.

Lagers are made using bottom fermenting yeast at relatively cool temperatures over relatively long periods of time, while ales are made using top fermenting yeast at warmer temperatures over less time.

For a good and entertaining little history of pilsner, see http:


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Q: Whats the difference between lager and pilsner beer?
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Difference between lager and pilsner beers?

Pilsner-style beers ARE lagers.

Which one is better lager beer or pilsner beer?

Pilsner is a style of Lager.

Is Bud Light a Pilsner or a Lager?


What is the difference between a pilsner and Larger beer?

a Pilsner is actually a type of Lager. Lager is a generic category that includes beers that are brewed with bottom fermenting yeast that ferments at cooler temperatures. Pilsner is a type of Lager that is yellow/golden in color with a white frothy head, generally lighter in body, and has a crisp/dry finish. Pilsners usually come in around 4-5% ABV

Where was Pilsner originally produced?

Pilsner is known as a pale lager and was first produced in the Czech Republic in 1842. The original Pilsner Urquell beer is still produced there to this day.

What does each letter in Pilsner stand for?

The term pilsner is not an acronym. A pilsner is a light, golden lager with a strong hoppy character. The style originated in the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic.

What beers are pilsners?

Pilsner also know as Pils are pale lager beers.

Who is DJ Ricky or DJ Rickystar in Uganda?

He is Uganda's pilsner lager spinmaster.

Is there a taste difference between lager and ale?

Not if you can't taste it! Are you a lager drinker?

True or false the difference between an ale and a lager are the type of yeast used?


What is size difference between an XL men's shirt and an XXLl men's shirt?

xxli is lager?

What is the difference between draught beer and lager beer?

They are not contrasting things. There are 2 types of beer. Lager and ale. All draft beer is, is beer served from a keg thorough a tap. You can serve lager or ale from a tap.

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