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You can search Google for Upside Down Text or use the link below

And as far as code, if you mean HTML code there are unicode conversions for each of the upside down characters. These can be found in the second link below or by a google search for upside down text unicode.

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Q: Whats the code to make upside down letters?
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How do you type spanish letters?

an upside down question mark = ALT + 168

What word when written you capital letters is the same forwards backward and upside down?


What time of day when written in capital letters is the same forwards backwards and upside down?

this \

What do the letters h u n o s x and z have in common?

They are also letters upside down: y n u o s x and z Comment: Don't think that's it. Y is not an upside-down h. If this is it, c and l are missing from the set, and you'd have to allow p as an upside-down b. Besides, the answer could involve the capital letters instead.

How do you turn letters around when typing?

Search google for "upside down text" and then you'll find websites where you can turn letters around!

What is the only curved letter that is the same upside down?

There is more than just 1. C, D, O, S, and B are all curved letters that are the same upside down.

What does it mean when a guy puts stamps on his letters upside down?

There is no hidden code here, it just means he wasn't paying attention and could have been in a rush when he put the stamps on the envelope.

What word looks the same upside down and backwards it has a w and m and is 5 letters?


What call for help when written in capital letters is the same forward backward and upside down?


What Does the peace sain mean?

If you mean the 1950s-1960s peace sign that looked kinda like a circle with an upside down "Y" inside it; it was two letters in Naval Semaphore Code overlapped. Those letters were N and D which stood for Nuclear Disarmament.

What 5 letter word is the same when turned upside down?

The upside down version: SWIMS The right side up version: SWIMS This is the word that is 5 letters in capitals the same turned upside down :)) Hope that helps all you smart kids out there <3

Is it possible to flip the letter q in two ways to get two different letters?

Yes, you can flip it upside down to get a d, you can flip it backwards to get a p and u can flip it upside down and backwards to get a b