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A great way to burn calories is walking and eating less fatty-foods. Running is great for you as well but that is more for muscle gain rather than calorie loss.

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Q: Whats a Quick ways to burn calories?
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What are some of the most effective ways to burn calories fast?

The most direct way to burn calories fast is to take in fewer calories than you burn off. Increasing activity by taking the stairs, running, doing the eliptical are all quick ways to get rid of those calories.

Easy ways to burn calories?

Try running, it's a great way of exercise, and you can burn 236 calories for running just half an hour. Or go to exercise tv and try ten minute workouts, for a quick calorie roasting exercise

What are the quick ways to say hello to another?

Well, some here are some quick ways to say hello to another would be, hi, hey, how are u, whats up, how u doing, what's happening,hello and a few more as well.

How can I use weight loss quick?

There are many ways one can go on for a quick weight loss. The top one of these is juicing fruits and vegetables as you are getting calories from very healthy sources.

Quick easy ways to burn fat?

Jogging on the spot, star jumps, cycling. Anything that gets your heart pumping fast.

Can eating apples help you to lose weight?

There are 2 ways to loose weight - eat less, or burn more, calories. If apples replace a higher calorie food, that is eating less calories.

What are healthy ways to lose weight for an overweight female?

I believe the best way to lose weight is to dicipline yourself and eat right. Working out is not nessecary. A balanced diet is what keeps people looking great. Eat 3 good meals each a good distance between. Avoid chips, soda, and high fat foods. The biggest thing I believe is do not eat before you go to sleep becasue that turns into fat

How much weight can you lose using the medicine ball?

It all depends on the way you use it. There are multiple ways to burn hundreds of calories. Check em' out on google.

How do you burn off calories?

there are many ways to burn calories like walking, roller blading, biking, running, sprinting, and jogging. To loose weight, you need to eat less food than your metabolic rate requires. Also exercising helps to raise your metabolic rate for an extended period of time.