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my friend hate's toe's and finger's she think's they look weird and they are gross i think they are alright and you?..........

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Q: What your friend does not like?
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What if you like your gay friend?

If you like your gay friend, then you like your gay friend. That's all there is to it.

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I would just switch girlfriends with my friend, but that's just me.

What does it mean when a friend of yours finds out you like his friend and now he acts weird around you and tells the friend you like him and hangs a lot with his friend now?

I think that your friend likes you and is jealous of the friend that you like, which is why he's acting weird around you. He isn't hanging out more with his friend to be near him, he wants to hang out with you and is jealous that you like his friend.

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Tell him that you're not interested but that your friend is. Answer:Encourage your friend to go for it... and let your friend know that there's no competition, cuz you don't like him

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you tell your friend to tell him she don't like him

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It will ruin our friend like relationship

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There is nothing to do. Your friend can like what they like. Decide whether you like it or not.

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they like you as a friend

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because she like your friend

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