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The winchester model 275 was produced by winchester from 1963-1975.

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Q: What years was the Winchester model 275 produced?
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What is the manufacture date of Winchester model 275 .22 cal magnum serial 551754?

The Model 275 22 magnum slide action rifle was produced from 1963 through 1973. I am unable to tell you when the 500K's were produced.

What is the value of Winchester model 275?

375 dollars

When was the Winchester model 290 produced?

The 200 series of rifles were introduced between 1963-1965.These include the models 250,270,290,255,and 275.The models 255,and 275 were discontinued in 1971.The models 250,and 270 were discontinued in 1974,and the model 290 was discontinued in the year 1976.Winchester states that there were 1,600,000 of all models produced.

What is the value and year of Winchester 30-30 serial number 4572079?

Your Winchester model 1894 was produced in 1978,and the value is running between 275-375 dollars depending on the original condition of the rifle.

What is the value of a Winchester model 275 22mag?

50-250 USD or so

How many model 275 winchesters were produced?

Your Winchester model 275 was made in a series of rifles classsified as the 200 series.This included the model 250,270,290,255,275.These were introduced from 1963-1965.The model 275 and 255 were discontinued in 1971.The models 250,270 were discontinued in 1974.Manufacture of the model 290 ceased in 1976.The production numbers for all models,yours included amounted to 1,600,000.

What is price of Winchester model 94 30-30 serial 2791766?

Your winchester model 1894 is ranging in value between 275-350 dollars.

What is the approx value of a Winchester model 290 22 cal rifle?

your Winchester model 290 in good condition should be in the range of 200-275 dollars.

What year is a Winchester model 275 serial number 380085?

No published sn data.

How much is a Winchester model 290 deluxe worth?

Around $275, depending on condition

What is the manufacture date of Winchester model 275 22 cal serial number B844775?

The Winchester 200 series of .22caliber rifles did not have there serial numbers records recorded by Winchester by year of production.This includes the Winchester models 250,270,290,255,and 275.These rifles were introduced between 1963-1965,with the model 275 being discontinued in 1971 along with the model 255.The models 250,and 270 were discontinued in 1974.The model 290 was discontinued in 1976.I hope that you find this informative.

How old is a Winchester model 250 with the serial number B1088275?

Winchester did not keep records of the 200 series of rifles produced by them.This would include the model 250,270,290,255,and 275.All these models were introduced between 1963-1965 with the model 250 being discontinued in 1974.So I can say that your Winchester model 250 was made during the time span of between 1963-1974.

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