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Q: What year were salt wood superposed belgium brownings made?
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Salt wood and browning co story?

The term "Salt Wood" is due to wood having been cured by salt. The long range effect that salt had on the gun metal resulted in rusting and pitting of the metal. Salt wood resulted from a process used on some Brownings to speed up the curing time of wood used for gunstocks. The salt would draw out the moisture and speed up the drying process. Some of the salt residue remained in the wood grain and caused damage where the metal and wood made contact. The wood was from a supplier to Fabrique Nationale at the time, around 1965. FN made the guns for Browning, and had no idea of the impact that it would cause. Browning recommends checking Superposed shotguns and T-Bolts made between 1967-1973. Also Belgian made Bolt Rifles made between 1967-1976. Other models could also be affected.

What is a 12 GA superposed with a mild rust due to salt wood stock worth?

These "salt wood stock" guns are, depending on the extent of the damage, worth considerably less than an equal condition Superposed without the salt problem. There are a lot of variations of the Superposed that can also affect its value. My advice would be to consult one of the firearm pricing guides avalible at any large book store, keeping in mind that these pricing guides generally quote pricing that you might expcept to pay for the firearm at a gunshop not what they will give you for that gun.

When did Browning start salt curring they're stocks and when did they stop What guns were affected?

From 1966-1972, the Morton Salt Company sold Browning a new salt method of "speed drying" walnut blanks. Thus, a lot of salt-filled stocks and/or forearms were used in production. The result was rusting metal surfaces where there was wood/metal contact. Models affected- Superposed and T-Bolts made between 1967-1973 should be looked at. Also, Safari, Medallion or Olympians made between 1967-1976; and any A5's 2,000,000 edition Commemoratives.

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