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You must contact Winchester.

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Q: What year was Winchester model 12 serial number 1001352 made in and what grade of gun is it?
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When was a Winchester Pigeon Grade shotgun serial number PK548071E made?

This question would be better addressed if directed to Winchester directly.

Age of Winchester model 70 super grade serial number G22054?

your rifle dates to 1939

When was Winchester pigeon grade xtr serial number 273988 made?

Need the exact Model and all features

Value of Winchester model 101 pigeon grade trap gun serial number 303093?

$1475 new in box

What is the year and value of my Winchester model 70 264 win mag super grade Serial?

What is the age and value of my Winchester model 70 264 win. mag super grade? Serial # 703942

What is the value of a model 42 Winchester with serial number 72023?

Totally depends on condition and grade (field, skeet, etc.) Your best bet is the Bluebook of Gun Values.

What is the value of a Winchester model 42 410 3in cham serial number 104377?

Your winchester model 42 is a highly collectable shotgun,and if yours has a original finish remaining of between 60%-95% will bring between 1,200-2,000 dollars.This is for a standard grade model 42.If you have the skeet grade then the value will be between 3,250-5,500 dollars.If yours is the trap grade shotgun ,then it will range in price from 8,000-13,000 dollars.Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 42 shotgun was made in the year 1953.I hope that you find this info informative.

What is the value of a Winchester model 70 Super Grade in 458 Winchester Magnum with a serial number of G998814?

Between $3,000 and $4,000, depending on condition. The Mdl 70 .458 was only made in Supergrade, which has a value about double that of a standard model 70.

What year is a Browning 325 grade 6 serial number 31060NR?

The 2 letters in your serial number(NR) indicate that your Browning 325 grade VI was made in the year 1997.

What is the value of model Winchester 12 serial 1087110?

That depends on the grade and condition with the range from about $200 for a poor condition standard grade to $2000 for a pigeon grade in excellent condition. Have it appraised and identified by a gunsmith or collector.

What is the age and value of a 20 gauge field grade Winchester 101 serial K244741?

Well, after 1971 and before 1987. Serial number charts all stop at 1971. The gun in mint condition will bring $1200-$1400 depending on how it is choked.

When was the Winchester model 94ae serial number 6537002?

This gun is of very recent manufacture (within the last 10 years) and is worth $200 to $400 depending on condition unless it has unususal features (high grade and such).