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No published sn data I know of.

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Q: What year is your w h davenport firearms co double barrel shot gun?
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Who made the Plymouth double barrel 12 gauge shot gun and What is the Plymouth double barrel 12 gauge shot gun worth?

I believe that the Plymouth side by sides were made by Cresent Firearms.

How do you find information on WH Davenport shotguns?

There's not a lot of information available and most authors disagree on that. Carey's American Firearms Makers says the company was in Norwich Ct from 1855 to 1894 and made single shot percussion and metallic cartridge rifles. Vorisek's Shotgun Markings lists 4 different names, W.H. Davenport Firearms Company, W.H. Davenport Arms Company, Davenport Arms Company, and W.H. Davenport & Co., and gives dates from 1878 to 1910. The Standard Catalog says they made single barrel shotguns from 1880 to 1915 and single shot rifles from 1891 to 1910. Traister's Antique Guns says they made single shot and double barrel shotguns in Providence, RI. The Official Price Guide to Antique and Modern Firearms says single and double shotguns in Providence, 1880-1883, and Norwich, 1890-1900.

How do dismantle a double shot gun made by Firearms International Has the name Aquirre Y Aronzobal on the barrel?

Ask your local gunsmith for help.

Davenport single barrel shot gun pat oct 1894?

nice whered u get this from ?

What is worth ofDavenport firearms model 1885 12 gauge single shot shotgun?

what the value of a will davenport single shot shotgun 1885 in good conditcion

What are some brands of double barrel shotguns?

Some brands of the double barrel shot guns includes, Stoeger, Remington and Winchester. The price for the double barrel shot gun can range from over $1000, depending on the collection.

What is the value of a universal firearms Corp Hialeah Florida model 208 20ga double barrel shotgun tooled with Spain on the engraving?

Close to 3500.00 to 5500.00... Rare shot-gun...

Can you shot steel shot through your Stevens model 5100 double barrel shotgun?

No. yup, hasn't hurt my two in all the years it has been mandatory on waterfowl Sort of like driving your 1940's Ford at interstate speeds. Will do just fine for a while, but eventually something is going to be damaged. Newer guns use harder steel for the barrels and even they get more wear from steel shot than from the old lead shot or newer (more expensive) soft shot. You can shoot steel out of the shotgun as long as the barrel has not been backbored. The steel shot remain in the wad cup of the shot until it hit the choke at the end of the barrel, so the shot does not actually touch the sides of the barrel. (this applies to all shotgun barrels). Make Sure your Chokes are not FULL, but Mod or Improved if your going to shoot steel

Would like to know the value of Crescent Firearms 410 exposed hammer with 15 Empire Ejector Serial 739233?

if its a single shot, then 75-150, a double barrel possibly 300

What is the value of 12 gauge pump made by HR 1871 LLC?

what is the value of a double barrel Newport shot gun? what is the value of a double barrel Newport shot gun?

What is the original name of Olympia?

Well, i dont know but i know it is a double barrel shot gun made by berreta so call it a berreta double barrel shot gun

Aubrey double barrel shot guns?

made in usa