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Starting in 1983.

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Q: What year does Browning BPS has invector choke tubes?
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What year did browning change the citori lighting choke tubes to invector plus system?

Mid 80's

What year browning citori lightning has standard invector choke tubes?

The Invector Choke system was first introduced in 1983 and only available on Citori, BPS, and BT-99 models. Fixed choke barrels were still available as well. Please note that the Citori Lightning model wasn't introduced until 1988. All Citori Lightning models in 12, 16, and 20ga. were only available with the invector choke system (and still are). 28ga Lightning Citori's were still fixed choke only.

What year was your Browning Invector BPS with serial number 46205NX152 made?

The 2 letters NX in the middle of your Browning Invector pump action shotgun indicates that it was made in the year 1993.

Can steel shot be used in browning shot guns if you use improved choke?

Yes certainly it can with barrels intended for steel. It is generally not reccomended to shoot steel through Belgian FN guns no matter the choke. If you have a Japanese made gun with the invector choke system it is likely ok, but not certain. Check the year and be certain that the (invector) choke is rated for steel. The best reccomendation is to consult Browning with the year your gun was made (by serial number) and the barrel markings to identify the time period the barrel was made. They are best suited to recommend a safe answer to this question. Auto5man

What year did browning citoris made in japan have fixed chokes?

Introduced in 1973, the Citori was the first Japanese made Browning. Fixed chokes were the only option until the Invector choke became available in 1983. The fixed chokes and Invectors were both available on the Citori for a few years until in 1989 when the Invector became standard on all guages except the 28ga and .410.

What is the approximate value of a Browning auto 5 Lt 20 new in box never assembled or fired Serial number 22221 PN231 Standard model grade 1 invector choke 26 bbl ribbed?

These Japanese made A5's were selling from $800-$1200 this past year.

What is the year of a browning light 12 sn 3g 4822 and how do you determine the choke?

Your gun was made in 1963. Use the link below to determine choke.

What year is my Browning Shotgun I just inherited from my Grandfather 5M 14398 and how do you tell the barrel length and choke thanks?

1965 if it is an auto-5. There should be markings on barrel to indicate choke.

What is a near new condition Browning White Lightning Invector Plus Citori Special Steel 20g 3 inch serial number 22817NPY63 worth and what year is it?

13 yrs old. 800-1000 USD

What year is your Browning Double Auto with a Serial of A13546 and could it have been ordered with a poly choke?

Look and see if your Browning double auto has a number ahead of the letter A or 2 numbers ahead of the letter A.This is needed to establish the year of production.No Browning double auto could be ordered with a Polychoke,this would have been a after market installation.

What year was a Browning 16 ga shotgun made with serial number X6695 Saint Louis and polychoke?

This gun was made in 1947. The poly choke is not original and decreases value.

How much a Browning 12 gauge invector bps special steel 2 34 3 28 barrel worth and what is the built year?

No way to date without the sn. No way to value without a detailed description of the overall condition, finish, accessories, etc..

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