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1971 for decimal money here in England

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Q: What year did britain go decimal?
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When did Britain adopt the decimal system for currency?

Britain adopted decimal currency in 1971.

What year did Decimal system start in Australia?

The decimal system refers to counting in tens and powers of tens and this system was used when Australia was colonised by Britain in 1788. Decimal coinage was introduced much later - in 1966.

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What year did the Halfpenny stop being used in Britain?

The predecimal Halfpenny was withdrawn from circulation in 1971 after the introduction of decimal currency. The decimal Half Penny and Half New Penny was withdrawn and demonetised in 1984.

What has the author Theodore William Rathbone written?

Theodore William Rathbone has written: 'An examination of the Report and evidence of the Committee of the House of Commons' -- subject(s): Decimal system, Great Britain, Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Committee on Decimal Coinage, Money 'Comments on the Preliminary report' -- subject(s): Decimal system, Great Britain, Great Britain. Decimal Coinage Commission, Money

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1939.well that's when Britain did

What decimal of a year is 9 months?

9 months of a year as a decimal is 0.75

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