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The 243 Winchester caliber was introduced in the model 70 bolt action and the model 88 lever action rifles in the year 1955 by Winchester.

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2013-04-25 13:20:20
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Q: What year did Winchester come up with the 243?
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Will a 243 wssm fire properly in a standard 243 rifle or is the 243 wssm fired from a completely different rifle?

NO! the 243 wssm cartridge is completely different than the 243 Winchester cartridge.The cartridge case is much wider through the body,and has a lot sharper shoulder angle which sets the headspace on both these cartridge,s.The 243wssm is loaded to a higher pressure also.In effect you would blow the receiver up and yourself if you could get the cartridge to chamber in the breech of your rifle! Do not attempt this in a 243 Winchester chambered rifle.

How Many Winchester 100 243 carbines were made?

Don't know about the 243 carbine but the serial numbers for the model 100 go up to 263170 on the site I use to check dates. That number sounds about right but the model 100 was made in a .308 and a .243 with the .308 being the majority.

What year was your model 70 .222 cal Winchester rifle made?

The year that the model 70 .222 cal Winchester rifle was made was in the year of 1936. However, this model continued to be made up until 2006.

Where is the manufactured year for Winchester 30-30?

Look up the sn at

What years were the Winchester model 1873 made?

The Winchester Model 1873 was in production from the year 1874 through 1920 (with a few hundred additional parts clean-up rifles made up to the year 1925). Bert H.

What year was Winchester 9422 serial number f390183 made?

You can look up the sn at

What year Winchester model 94 ser 2106040? has sn tables you can look it up on.

What is the value of a Remington model 600 243 caliber rifle serial number 44814?

The current value of a remington model 600 in .243 winchester caliber is between 160 dollars for a rifle with 60%of its original finish remaining up to 475 dollars for a rifle with 100% original finish remaining.

How much is seiko cal .243 lever action worth?

any where from 1000 on up they only made them for one year

What year is your model 94-32winspl-seriel2278904? has Winchester sn tables you can look it up on for free.

What year is a Winchester model?

Not knowing anything about the gun, the same answer applies to all. Google 'Winchester serial number look up' and then put in the serial number on the site once there.

What is the age of a 300 Winchester magnum Winchester Model 70 serial G1003914?

The G makes the number come up as invalid. Without the G, it comes back with a manufacture date of 1971

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