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To finish writing my book!

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Q: What would you want for your birthday?
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What would you want for your 14th birthday?

i would want some clothes and make up

What would 22 years old want for their birthday?

A birthday party+Beer+Cake.

Why would your abuser not want you to be happy on your birthday?


What would 10 year old want to do for her birthday?

ask her !!

What would a 11 year old want for his birthday?


What would Kevin Jonas want for his birthday?

another guitar

What would a 42 year old man want for his birthday?

A decoration.

What would Pablo Picasso want for his birthday?

Cake, a party and friends

What do you get for a 13 year old girl for her birthday?

an ipod (that is what i would want anyway!)

When is George Washingtons's birthday?

i don't know and why would you want to know? -RJ- :):)

Would it be sensible to have a 16th birthday party or an 18th party?

it would be 16th birthday because when your 18 u can do anything u want and u will be grown up

Your cat was born on your birthday and you want to do a cat slash human birthday party what would you do?

Just do a birthday party for your cat and your self at the same time. kk? bye