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I would buy a roast of course cause it is known to be a traditional dinner towards the Christmas time. For dessert what is more holiday like that a nice fruit cake...

#1 Answers: Cookies, Cake, Pie, Fruit Cake, Rolls, Bread

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Q: What would you buy in a bakery at Christmas?
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You can buy bakery equipment online from Amazon or Culinary Depot. If you want the best quality, it would be better to find a local bakery store and buy it in person.

What can you buy at Boulangerie?

well a boulangerie is a bakery. so you can by cakes, coffee and pies and everthing you would find in a N.S.W bakery.

Where would you buy bread in 1971?

In the United States, you would buy bread in either a supermarket/grocery store or at a bakery.

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In a bakery.

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the baker named paco

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The answer to the riddle is a mince spy.

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at corner bakery

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you would buy a croissant in France probably in a cafe. you could definitely get one in a patisserie, which is like a bakery just for pastries.

Is bakery open in Houston on Christmas day?

Carlos bakery is open on Christmas until 4:00 pm and it opens at 6:00 am but they don't take orders for specialty cakes that day