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Hanging out online

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Q: What would sending a text to your friend about something funny you heard be an example of?
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What does xd mean on club penguin?

XD is a face for laughing hard or for example "i remembered something funny XD' or something funny for something random example: 'i like pie XD'

Why did your friend laugh?

Because she is rude sometimes or maybe you did something funny

Is an example of an expression?

Example: if somebody says something funny you EXPRESSION on your face will be smiling or happy.

What is an example of a expression?

Example: if somebody says something funny you EXPRESSION on your face will be smiling or happy.

What are some fun games to play with your best friend when yall are both girls?

say something funny

What is offered on the Something Funny website?

The website Something Funny does not exist. Websites with domain names similar to Something Funny include Show Me Something Funny and Something Really Funny.

Is it weird if you give your guy friend a Valentine's Day card?

as long as it says something cool or funny then no it is not weird

How do you laugh at something that's not funny?

Think of something that is funny!

What does it mean when a girl laghes and talkes to her friend at the same time?

Means nothing. They found something funny and are talking. Has nothing to do with you.

Im going with a friend to town for her birthday What really original thing can I do for her?

i think you should get her an Obama mask.that's what i did for my friend she LOVED it. seriously. its soo funny :) you can find them at Halloween express!Do something funny and buy a gift that everyone gets that's original

How do you let a guy friend know you really like him?

Tell him. Blunt honesty is often hot, to guys. Otherwise, faun over him. For example, laugh at something that's obviously not funny. Smile a lot at him. Gaze into his eyes. You know what to do.

Can you do a sentence by using two adjectives and the word is a friend?

If you think about it, you can do your own sentences. What are two adjectives to describe your friend? Now, make a sentence where your friend does something, and use those adjectives. My funny, playful friend kicked the ball.