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Unwanted tattoos are removed using a procedure called Laser Tattoo Removal (LTR). This method works by breaking up the pigment of colours by using a high intensity beam. Each tattoo removal method is tailored to the type of tattoo.

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2013-05-29 06:35:00
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Q: What would be the procedure used for tattoo laser removal?
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Where would you receive more information about becoming a laser tech for tattoo and hair removal?

Where would you recommend that I look for more information about becoming a laser tech for hair and tattoo removal.

Need info on how to get certified for laser tattoo removal.?

You would need to go to a school that leaches medical tech that includes lazers.

looking for training in laser hair removal and tattoo removal.?

I would suggest New Look Laser College for your training, they are located in New York. Their phone number is: (214)632-6300. You can also email them at:

Typically how many sessions are required for efficient tattoo removal?

If you use the laser removal method it would take 1 to 10 sessions. If you use removal cream you would have to apply it twice a day for at least six months.

The Medlite System for Laser Tattoo Removal?

The Medlite System for Laser Tattoo RemovalFor a number of reasons, many people who receive a tattoo when they are younger opt to have them removed later in life. They may have grown tired of the design on their skin, or perhaps they wish to have it removed for professional reasons. In any case, the Medlite System for laser tattoo removal offers a way to rid themselves of the offending tattoo.How It WorksUsing a powerful laser, the Medlite system's method breaks up the ink from the tattoo under the skin. Since the laser targets only the ink, the skin is left undamaged. This is particularly important for those areas where scarring or traces of the tattoo would not be desirable. After the procedure is completed, there is no evidence that a tattoo was ever present.Possible Side EffectsThe most common side effect of the laser tattoo removal is pain and discomfort at the site. However, this can be avoided if the area is numbed first, using either ice, local anesthetic cream, or injections.No matter what the reason for tattoo removal, the Medlite System offers a safe, reliable method for removing tattoos. With minimal discomfort and no scarring, it could be an excellent choice for anyone wishing to have a design removed from their skin.

Would you ever try laser hair removal?

I don't have excessive body hair so I would not use laser hair removal. People who do have excessive body hair, and perhaps odor issues related to that, can benefit from this procedure. If anyone suffers from persistent ingrown hair issues should also look into laser hair removal.

Where are schools for laser hair removal?

I would go to Empire Beauty school. They will have classes that you can take to learn about laser hair removal.

Is a carbon dioxide laser used to remove tattoos?

In the 1980's CO2 laser tattoo removal became the standard for the industry. Bursts of laser light were used to break up the pigment inks beneath the skin surface. Once broken down into smaller particles, the body's own white cells would carry the pigments away to be flushed out of the system. Today, Q-switched lasers have set a new standard for laser tattoo removal. These lasers emit very powerful, but shorter bursts of light that break up pigment particles without significant damage to the skin, so scarring is almost non-existent. Since the Q-switched laser breaks down ink particles much smaller than the previous CO2 laser, the procedure yields results far more quickly.Although somewhat effective, CO2 laser tattoo removal had some drawbacks. The laser actually damaged the surface skin, often leaving a scar where the treatment had taken place. It also often left behind a "ghost" of the tattoo itself. In a nutshell, the entire procedure was painful and could leave you with a result that was likely less attractive than the tattoo you originally wanted to remove. You should be aware that a single laser treatment is usually not enough to remove an entire tattoo, so repeated treatments may be necessary. These are usually spaced about a month apart. This gives the body time to remove the particles so a better judgment can be made about the necessity of further treatments.

How much does laser hair removal hurt?

There is an element of pain involved with laser hair removal. Some say it is equivalent to being snapped with a hot rubber band. Some areas are more sensitive than others but there are several ways to reduce/eliminate pain with numbing creams, ice, etc.

What are the risks of laser hair removal?

There are very few risks to laser hair removal. The largest risk is losing money when the hair removal does not work as well as you would have hoped for.

Where can I find an easy to use tattoo remover?

Wreckingbalm has become highly recommended in the world of unwanted tattoos. You can find wreckingbalm online or in local superstores. A more expensive alternative would be to undergo laser tattoo removal but it generally requires several sessions until the tattoo becomes faint.

Who would find alexandrite to be useful?

People would find it useful because when its cut it gets melted and used for laser hair removal. It is called "Alexandrite laser hair removal".

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