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if patient had high metabolismgain weight .and low metabolism weight loss and hair loss.

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Q: What would be the effect of a hypophysectomy on the metabolism?
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What has the author C S McEuen written?

C. S. McEuen has written: 'The effect of hypophysectomy on the growth of the Walker rat tumour' -- subject(s): Hypophysectomy

What are the effects of hypophysectomy?

== == hypophysectomy will stop growth and lactation in females, and destroy the testes, ovaries and adrenal coretex since the hormones produced in the pituitary gland affect all those organs. since homeostasis will be severely altered, the salt and water concentration as well as the carbohydrate and protein metabolism will be disturbed.

Under what circumstances would a doctor choose to perform a hypophysectomy on a patient?

Hypophysectomy, the removal of the pituitary gland, is most commonly done in the case of tumors. It may also be done on a patient who is suffering from Cushing's Disease.

What aftercare should you do in hypophysectomy?

avoid sneezing

How does the thyroid effect body temperature?

it regulates metabolism and metabolism produces heat. its called the calorigenic effect.

How do hormones effect metabolism?


How does drugs effect the body?

drug effect by pharmacodynamic effect metabolism absorption excretion.

Will a slow metabolism make you fat?

Weight gain is one effect of a slow metabolism.

What has the least effect on a person's metabolism?


Which factor has the least effect on a persons metabolism?


What factor has the least effect on a persons metabolism?


Does lithium slow down your metabolism?

YES it can effect your thyroid, and make your once fast metabolism slooow.

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