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"Best" is a subjective term that will be based on your pocketbook and what you are using the rifle for.

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Q: What would be the best scope for a Browning BAR 308 shortrac?
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What is a good scope to use with a 308 Browning BLR?

The best you can afford. Leupold is always a good choice.

What is the best airsoft scope?

since a Airsoft gun is a 1 : 1 replaica of a real gun whatever would be the best scope for the real gun would obviously be the best choice for the airsoft gun.

What is the best scope for a Beeman C1?

The best scope is one you can afford. Scopes very in price. So here are two I suggest Leapers 3-9X32 AO Browning 3-9X40 AO Duplex Reticle Try Pyramydair online to see various scopes.

You wont to know were to get your browning guns redone?

The best place would likely be Browning. Contact them through their website, customer service.

What all deferent 12 gauge models by browning were produced in 2007?

A copy of the Browning catalog for 2007 would be your best reference

What is the best scope for accuracy on an air rifle?

zeiss is the best and most accurate scope

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what is best scope of bscit by salary 5000 sometings

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AS is visited various site i found IT OR CS engineering has the best scope

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What is the best Browning 22LR competition pistol?

The Browning medalist was the best by far.If you can find one,these were made from 1959-1974.

How do you assemble browning a5?

Best left to a gunsmith or you can get a manaul from Browning's web site.

What is the scope of bscs hons and mcs which 1 is best?

bscs is best as it has much scope in india as well as abroad too.

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