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if i were to even know what you said i would smile like this >:D

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Q: What would be a good simile for you gaped at the double rainbow?
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Is would be as hot as popping grease a simile or a metaphor?

It is a simile.

Has given your heart is that a simile?

no. a simile is a phrase with like or as in it. Has given your heart would be an idiom

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well i can tell you how to get one on club penguin say rainbow go to the pet shop open the red catalog click on the red puffle go to the end of the catalog double click the carrot in the green puffles mouth say rainbow rainbow then dance until you stop go to your igloo your rainbow puffle should be there

Is 'pigsty' a simile?

as a pigsty srry dont kno

would you rather have a rainbow dog or a brown pomerainia?

i would rather have a rainbow dog

What is iris' symbol?

Iris's symbol would be the Rainbow.

Is there any rainbow puffles on clubpenguincom?

no there is not a rainbow puffle if there were u would think someone would have it

Which word would be used in simile?


Which word would be used in a simile?


Is patenice is a hourglass a simile?

No it is not a simile because it does not use the term like or as in its description. Were you to say patience is like an hourglass it would be a simile. The way you worded it makes it a metaphor.

What is a good simile to describe warmth?

Warm breeze is not a simile, warm is an adjective for the breeze A simile would be like, the breeze was as warm as the sun.

Where would the sun be when there is a rainbow?

when you're looking at the rainbow, the sun will be behind you.