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Q: What would Be your Ebuddy ID?
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How do you change an ebuddy id password on computer?


How do you delete an eBuddy ID Multi Network chat account?

There's simply no way to delete an eBuddy ID Multi Network chat account as stated by the privacy terms.

How can you delete an ebuddy id account ixzz1Wk367iZP?

you go to edit, then you press delete.

How you can change your password on ebuddy?

You can change your eBuddy password by doing following steps: 1- Login to the Website 2- Start the chat 3- Select the last icon (ebuddy icon) 4- On top, click on Manage Accounts 5- Click update under you eBuddy ID 6- Change your password no need to add email. 7- Press OK

How do you get webcam on ebuddy?

there is no way you can get webcam on ebuddy, the old ebuddy had webcam but the new ebuddy does not. all the settings have changed to make it better

How can you delete an ebuddy id account?

EBuddy is a web based instant messaging service,meaning you do not need to install anything nor you signing up. Instead, you log in through your username and password from other social network websites of your choice. Therefore, you cannot delete an ebuddy id account, it just doesn't make sense. But, if you want to delete your account, for example, you could go to your Msn messenger account or your Facebook account and delete it.

What is ebuddy's msn called?

Err? eBuddy...

How can you retrieve a lost ebuddy password from msn?

on ebuddy/password

When was the website eBuddy established?

The website eBuddy is a web based instant messaging service. It was founded by Paulo Taylor in 2003. The headquarters of eBuddy are in the Netherlands.

Who owns the rights to the software eBuddy?

The eBuddy software rights are owned by eBuddy B.V. according to their Terms of Use posted on their main website. eBuddy is a messaging software that allows you to chat online using a computer or your cell phone.

Can micromax a60 support ebuddy?

Micromax a60 can support ebuddy. not just ebuddy. it can support more than that application. Like Facebook, whatsapp, google+ and many other.

What are other sites like ebuddy?

Other sites like ebuddy include MSN, Meebo, Nimbuzz and IMO. ebuddy allows the user to send Instant Messages across multiple platforms.