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If you run into your ex boyfriend while on a date with someone else, and then leave immediately, there are many things that he could be wondering. It is possible that he may think you still have feelings for him, or that you can't stand him.

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2013-08-21 00:04:33
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Q: What will your ex boyfriend think if you run into him while you are on a date with someone new and you leave immediately when you see him?
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How do you get a woman to leave her boyfriend?

You can't make someone leave their partner, you can advise them, tell them what you think would be best but in the end it's up to her.

A hot girl at my school said the she loves me and she has a boyfriend what should you do?

think about it this way if you were the boyfriend and you thought you had something good with her and she leaves you for some next dude you will feel like crap and also if she could leave her boyfriend for you she can leave you for someone advise is to stay away from that grl cause she will get you in trouble.

What does it mean to dream about a boyfriend having feelings for someone else?

my concern is to stop dreaming about ur boyfriend coz he is not having that feelings on you, you just try to impress him, then its possible for him to think about you, if its not possible , you search for someone,who is dreaming about you, just try it otherwise leave it,

What if your boyfriend loves you but you think he loves someone else what do you do?

Just ask him and if he answers you no then leave it at that if you trust him. But if he answers you yes he doesn't care about you so let it go

You think your boyfriend is seeing someone else?

Ask him, or follow him.

Should you stay with your boyfriend who has lied and cheated on you if you love him?

No! Leave him immediately. If he cared for you, he would not have cheated on you. Do not think it's your fault. Do not take him back if he tries to trick you into it. Do not stay with him. Remember - Once a cheater, always a cheater.

What to do if you think your boyfriend likes someone else?

He probably does... if you have to ask this question.

When you think of your boyfriend or look at pictures of him you get turned on really quickly and immediately become aroused Is this normal?

Lol, yes.

What is expectant boyfriend?

someone to love you for who u are, treat u right, not care what others think, someone to beat up another guys but if they make u cry, someone to cuddle with u when u wanna be held..some one to never leave

How do you get a girl 2 break up with her boyfriend for you?

i dont know if you can really control that ? If the girl you like is dating someone and shes happy in that relationship i think you should leave it be. If you know for a fact she likes you and is still with her boyfriend then maybe she should dump him and go for you,

Does your boyfriend really love you if he has cheated on you three times with his ex and lied about it repeatedly and what should you do?

If he's cheating on someone else WITH YOU, what makes you think that if you get back together he won't cheat ON YOU with someone else? He can't be trusted. Leave now.

What if someone love you more then your boyfriend?

It all depends on who that someone is. If that someone is related to, then thats to be exspected , But if that someone just so happens to be another male , then you should think about how you feel about him. If you really love your boyfriend and your boyfriend really loves you thats all that should matter.

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