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Nothing will happen except that you will have lovely clean hair.

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Q: What will happen if you wash your hair during your period?
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Should you wash hair the day of highlighting?

yes you can wash your hair. nothing will happen

What will happen if you wash hair when having a fever?


Can you wash your hair during your period?

Of course - a woman can do anything during her period that she would do any other time of her menstrual cycle, the idea that a woman cannot wash her hair is a nonsensical very old-fashioned myth. There's no reason why you'd not be able to wash your hair during menstruation.

What will happen if wash hair during typhoid fever?

You can always wash hairs during any fever. It is good practice to keep yourself clean. Only thing is that you should wash the hairs with hot water. Wipe the hairs immediatlely and cover the body with blanket after wash.

Can you wash your hair during pregnancy?

of course you can

Is safe to wash your hair after 3 weeks of pregnancy?

It is perectly safe to wash your hair during any stage of pregnancy.

What will happen if you wash your hair with flour?

The flour will absorb the water creating a dough, congealing your hair.

What happen when you put body wash on your hair?

Nothing will happen. It's not made for your hair so it will just be a little greasy. Also, your hair won't be as soft.Hope this helps :)

What happen if you wet your hair before you get a perm?

Nothing. They wash your hair immediately before a perm anyway.

What will happen if you do not wash you hair?

If you do not wash your hair, your hair will get REALLY greasy and thin. It will get frizzy and staticky and you will look horrible. Also, you will get BIG painful pimples on your head preventing you from brushing your hair and your scalp will dry and flake.

Can your hair follicles close if you do not wash your hair?

your hair follicles open and close throughout the day. if you dont wash your hair nothing will happen to you or your hair. its safer to have your hair follicle closed to protect you hair. heat opens the follicle as does alkaline or positive Ph soaps and cold or acidic products closes.

Is there a permanent color spray for hair?

Can the permanent color hair spray easily wash away during washing