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you could be pregnant

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Q: What will happen if you dont get your period?
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What happen if you dont get a period for 2 years?

go to a doctor!

Im 13 and a month has past and you dont have your period?

it will happen soon

What do you have to do when you get your period?

You just have to use pads/tampons. Its the same as what everybody does, Dont worry about the blood, its supposed to happen.

I am not on my period but im bleeding out brown as if i am on my period why is that?

Hi sweetie dont worry this will happen as it has happened to me , it nomaly turns a brownish colour near the end of your period but if you havent had your period i advise you to see a doctor or ask a female relative about it ! xxx

Will I have a discharge if I go swimmming when im not on my period?

No i dont think anything would happen. Don't worry. Swim your fears away.

How heavy in kilos do you have to be before your period starts?

u dont have too be any amount of weight before ur period it can happen when ur even 7 or u could get it when ur 50 who knows

What happens if you don't get your period and you missed a pill?

dont be alarmed nothin will happen you are ok just remember u will get a period right after ur next one because u missed ur pill :( goodluck :)

Pregnancy test after missed period right after sex give the right results?

If u already been pregnant before ...that dont happen over night.

You missed your period for a month now?

this is very normal when growing up it might happen later or it might of happened but you dont know it yet hope this helps :)

What do you think will happen if there is no ssd?

i dont know what happen!!

Can periods be late from eating not that much to eating a lot?

yeah this happens to me a lot. If theres a period of time where i dont eat so much, my period seems to...not happen? but if i tend to eat a lot a certain week, im bound to get my period sooner or later. wierd.

What time period in Greece is considered as a barren period?

dont no