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it depends on where you are if you live in a medical state and your caught without a prescription your in big trouble, in decriminalized states like MA you get fined in the other states you will get a criminal trial then let out a rapist to arrest you

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You could result a fine up to $500 or even a 3-month prison sentence .

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More To The,What the hell are you doing with a used marijuana pipe? More To The,What the hell are you doing with a used marijuana pipe?

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Q: What will happen if you are caught with a used marijuana pipe?
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What legal punishment will be given if you were caught with a used marijuana pipe and less than a gram of marijuana in Oregon?

You can go to jail for up to 2 years depending on how much you were caught with, and your past felonies. Let me tell you this I have had so many charges for this it isn't funny; nothing to worry about man, trust me, a slap on the wrist if anything. For just a pipe and less than a gram of Marijuana? You get a Possession ticket, and then you'll have to pay a fine from $200-$300 I don't know, but my sister's boyfriend is from Oregon and said most hippie people own a load of marijuana and get away with it.

What does the word hashpipe mean?

Hash pipe is a pipe used for smoking things called hashish, pot, weed, marijuana, or weezer.

How can a tobacco and a marijuana pipe be used?

Load pipe with marijuana not tobacco much better for you then on the side should be a carb hold thumb over it while holding flame to marijuana and inhaling. Then release thumb from carb and remove flame however, continue to inhale and that's all you do to get high my man

What are smoking pipes used for?

Smoking pipes are used for a variety of things. They are most commonly used for smoking pipe tobacco, but there are many who use them to smoke marijuana.

What happens to weed once they have been caught by the police?

After the marijuana has been used for evidence and all appeals to the case are exhausted, the evidence(marijuana) is destroyed, usually by burning.

What are the causes of behavior?

marijuana makes you sleepy!the ancient Indians used it in the pipe of peace every night in order to relax!!

Can you be arrested for being caught on tape with marijuana?

The tape CAN be used a part of the evidence in your prosecution but there would need to be some other corroborating testimony that what you were seen smoking on the tape was actually Marijuana.

What will happen if seamless pipe is used in place of erw pipes?

It increases only cost..

What kind of drug used in the peace pipe?

Usually tobacco, or a form of smokeable peyote. I've heard rumors that some tribes may have used marijuana as well.

What is a pipe used to smoke marijuana?

bowl, chalice, piece. More specific types... bubbler, steamroller, chillum, one-hitter, etc.

Was marijuana smoked in a peace pipe?

No, although many Marijuana proponents would like to think (or spread rumors) to the contrary. Native Americans used Tobacco, and occasionally a mixture of herbs with tobacco, but not Hemp (they used that for houses, roof's, ropes, and other things).

What kind of drug that kids smoke with using water and cigar pipe?

That would be what we used to call a "bong" The water cools the smoke, allowing you to inhale more of it. Used for pot or marijuana.