What will happen if i take 4 ibuprofen PM?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Ibuprofen (brand name Advil and others) is a common over-the-counter pain killer and anti-inflammatory. Typical dosage is 2 200mg tablets (400mg) but, the anti-inflammatory properties are typically recognized at 600mg or 3 200mg tablets. Some dentists, rather than prescribing prescription drugs will suggest taking ten 200mg tablets (2000mg) at a time for dental pain but, the likelihood of stomach upset increases with larger dosing. Look up "physician's desk reference" (PDR) for a complete assessment of dosage and the effects of any drug. Aspirin is also an anti-inflammatory while Tylenol (acetaminophen) is not. It may be, in the future, an "aspirin regimen" can be replaced by an "ibuprofen regimen" as the primary purpose of the aspirin regimen is to lower the inflammation of the blood vessels (although a single aspirin will thin the blood slightly for an entireweek!) and ibuprofen is a superior anti-inflammatory. **Always check with your doctor before starting any regimen or your pharmacist for drug interactions.**

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Q: What will happen if i take 4 ibuprofen PM?
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Yes, the combination is safe. You can take 600mg ibuprofen up to 4 times daily if needed. Take it with plenty of water and with food in your stomach

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