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tidewater-land close to the ocean

piedmont- foothills or mountains

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Q: What were the differences between tidewater and Piedmont regions?
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What is the natural border between the tidewater and the Piedmont regions?

i can not figer a answer for this

Who primarily settled in the Piedmont and Tidewater regions?

Scott-irish and germen

What two regions have current state recognized tribes?

Piedmont and Tidewater

Compare and contrast the Piedmont and Tidewater regions of the Southern Colonies?

The Tidewater region and the backcountry developed two different ways to life.

What is the five regions of virgina in order?

Tidewater, Piedmont, Blue Ridge, Valley and Ridge,and Appalachian Plateau

What are North Carolina's main land regions?

The Mountains, the piedmont, the coastal plane.

What two regions is the fall line between?

The Piedmont and Coastal Regions

The flow of rivers affected the settlement of Jamestown because?

Cities developed along the Fall Line, the natural border between the tidewater and Piedmont regions. The land rises sharply and the waterfalls prevent further travel on the river.Ê

A number of differences between two regions can result in?

A number of differences between two regions can result in sectionalism.

What regions in Virginia has flat lands?


How did the Tidewater and backcountry regions compare?


How many main land regions are in West Virginia?

Five with two counties on the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake in the Tidewater Region and moving from east to west through the Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Ridge and Valley and into the Cumberland Plateau to the west.