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Q: What were some Christmas traditions in England during the Victorian ages?
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Christmas traditions in England?

One Christmas tradition in England is having people put on masks and perform Christmas Plays. This is called mumming and has been done since the Middle Ages. A traditional dinner in England is eating roasted turkey and having Christmas pudding for desert. Christmas crackers with a silly joke and a paper crown that must be worn during dinner. Mince pies after Christmas pudding. I've never come across mumming.

What are some traditions for celebrating Christmas in France?

During Christmas in France, yule logs made of cherry wood are sprinkled with red wine and burned all night Christmas eve along with candles to light the way for Mary and baby Jesus. The main Christmas meal is eaten late Christmas Eve or in early Christmas morning, after the church service in the middle of the night.

Did pilgrims celebrate Christmas?

Initially, most did not. During the 1600's, the Pilgrims who were Puritan separatists, became so disturbed over the pagan history and activities of Christmas that they outlawed it in England and a number of American colonies. People were punished for celebrating Christmas or just staying home from work on Christmas Day. In New England (America), Christmas was not officially legalized until 1856 .

What is the day after Christmas called in England?

The day after Christmas is called Boxing Day in England. The term comes from around the Victorian era when rich would box up gifts and bring them to the poor.The Holiday has a strong British origin, but many other countries also celebrate a similar holiday the day after Christmas.In Australia, shopping happens during Boxing DayIn Canada, the day is used for a clearance sale day for stores to sell all of their Christmas stockIn South Africa, it is called The Day of Goodwill and is similar to the British Boxing DayIn the United Kingdom, the week after Christmas is called "Boxing Week" and is used by stores as days to sell their Christmas stockIn Ireland, it's called St. Stephens Day and is the day that all the Premier League clubs in football play their biggest rivals

Do you wish a merry Christmas on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day?

Wishing people a merry Christmas can be done anytime during the Christmas season.

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Where online can a person learn more about Christmas traditions during the Victorian age?

Places like whychristmas and the BBC are great places to start in your quest for knowledge on Christmas traditions in the Victorian times. Religeous places can also offer information.

Did miners celebrate Christmas during the Victorian gold rush?

Yes. Christmas was certainly celebrated on the Victorian goldfields.

What traditions does England celebrate during Christmas?

England celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December every year.

What traditions occur during Christmas?

jesus was born

The setting of the book A Christmas Carol?

it is during the Victorian era

What season is it in England during Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated in winter in England.

What kind of decorations do Japanese display during Christmas?

they only have christmas trees,its there traditions

How was England ruled during the Victorian times?

KING Henry

What traditions does Illinois have during Christmas time?

Traditions like Christmas,Easter, and Thanksgiving,those are some that are special.

What year giving Christmas cards started?

1843 during the Victorian era.

When was the earliest account of a Christmas tree?

In Britan it was first known to give a Christmas tree during the Victorian eara.

What was London England like during Victorian times?

Pretty Bad