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Sorry- there IS no website where you can positively determine that a firearm is not stolen. Law enforcement uses the NCIC system, but that is NOT available to private persons. Local law enforcement MAY be willing to run the serial number of the gun through NCIC, but will need to have possession of the gun while doing it. In case it IS stolen, they have it.

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Q: What website do you check to find out if a firearm is stolen?
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Is there a website to find out if a person is allowed to buy a firearm by running their name?

By doing a background check.

How do you find stolen gun serial numbers?

Was thinking of buying a used firearm to defend my home from invasion. But how do I know if its stolen? Call your local police department and have them check it in NCIC. You may have to bring it in so they can confiscate it if it is stolen.

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After you report it to the police, you wait and hope.

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Where would I look to find out if a firearm is legal according to the serial number?

Contact your local police. If it has been reported stolen to the police they can find out.

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How do you find out if a gun is stolen?

Check with local law enforcement.

How do you find out if a firearm is clean for purchase?

No standard method- as a private citizen, you cannot access the police computer database of stolen property.

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check with your local police department or state police. they can check it........

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