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security guards in Florida can carry a .38 pistol, 9mm pistol, 12gauge shotgun, and a ar-15 rifle with aproprite tranning to carry that firearm

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Q: What weapons do security guards carry?
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What weapons do security guards carry in california?

That's determined by the security company, and what specific type of work they do. Depending on the nature of their job, security guards may carry firearms, non-projectile emitting weapons, or may even be unarmed.

Are security guards allowed to carry guns?

A typical security guard is not allowed to carry a gun. There are security guards that carry guns, but they must get additional permits and training for this. Guards without guns can do what is called a private arrest. Security guards with guns generally work for the government, military, casinos or some other money bearing entity.

Can UK security guards carry a baton?

Yes the security cards can carry a baton but mostly a gun

Do security guards have to be certified to carry handcuffs in California?


Do security guards carry guns in the US?

Some do, some don't.

Did securicor guards ever carried guns?

Some security guards have- and do- carry guns. Going back to the days of stage coach guards "riding shotgun", bank guards, armored car guards. The security guards at nuclear plants today are armed. SOME security guards are not armed. The answer to your question would be "Maybe".

Do you need a license to be a bodyguard in the US?

NoAnother View: In some jurisdictions persons engaging in such work must be licensed (e.g.: security guards - special officers - private investigators - etc) and if you carry any weapons asociated with that line of work you you most certainly must be licensed to carry these weapons.

Do TSA employees carry weapons?

The only Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees who carry weapons are Federal Air Marshals.

Is security allow to carry the weapon?

There are different levels of security guards and these are governed by state laws...Some guards are allowed to carry firearms such as pistols and/or shotguns and some are only allowed to carry pepper spray and/or tazer guns. This depends on the level of security that is needed such as the security guards for armored trucks that service ATM machines,pick up deposits,and are contracted to guard banks all need to carry firearms,where as the average security guard in a mall,shopping center,hospital,clinic or other business needs only a tazer and pepper spray

What weapons can a security officer hold?

Not necessarily, however licenses of a certain level or class of being a security officer, grant the security officer to carry a firearm. Most commonly a security officer is allowed to carry, non-projectile emitting weapons, or even tasers are allowed.

Rules or regulations applying to security guards from the Ontario statute regulating security guards?

rules or regulations applaying to security guards from the Ontario statute regulating security guards

What weapons can tourist carry in London?

You would be lucky to make it through airport security with any weapons- you're not allowed to carry any on the streets and you cetainly wouldn't be welcome.