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Q: What was used to light up Christmas trees?
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Do Brazilians put up Christmas Trees on Christmas?


Do Christmas trees get up and walk around on Christmas night?

No. Christmas trees are not able to move unless someone physically moves them.

How to use inflatable christmas tree?

Some inflatable Christmas trees can be blown up using a pump or orally, while some inflatable Christmas trees come with a fan that one places inside the tree. These inflatable trees are usually used for outdoor decoration.

Do people in Mexico set up Christmas trees for Christmas?

Yes, we do.

Why do people keep up their Christmas trees after Christmas?

because of the twelve days of christmas

Do Russians put up a tree on Christmas?

Some Russians do put up trees for Christmas.

What's the purpose of a christmas trees sale?

Christmas trees sales are so that people can buy cheap Christmas trees in the run-up to Christmas day. The trees sold in these sales are often cheaper than what you might find in your average shop.

How can Christmas lights be used to decorate for Halloween?

An example of using Christmas lights to decorate for Halloween would be the use of white Christmas lights. These can be used to light up a collection of jackolanterns.

Do croats put up Christmas trees?


Does Sweden put up Christmas trees?


Does England put up Christmas trees?


Do Brazilians put up a Christmas trees?