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Sugar, Molasses, Slaves were traded in the triangular trade

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Q: What was traded between England and Africa within the triangular trade?
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How did the European get the slaves from Africa?

Europe got slaves from Africa by the triangular trade. Europe traded with Africa, Europe gave Africa guns, rum, gunpowder, and tools. Africa traded back with slaves

What is the Triangular-trade?

As a general term, triangular trade is a system involving goods from three locations, each of which has a demand in one of the others. Goods from location 1 are transported to location 2, where they are traded for local goods; the goods from location 2 are transported to location 3, where they are traded for local goods; then the goods from location 3 are transported to location 1, where they are traded for local goods. The trade goes on and on, to the benefit of the traders, the shippers, and, hopefully, the people in the locations involved.As a specific term, the Triangular Trade was a system in which African slaves were traded for agricultural produce, which was traded for New World manufactured goods, which was traded for European manufactured goods, which was traded for slaves.Typically, the slaves were taken by ship from Africa to the Caribbean, where they were traded for molasses. This was taken to New England and traded for rum and ironware. These were taken to Britain and traded for weapons, beads, copper, cloth, and whatever else traders though might appeal to people who sold slaves in Africa. And these were traded for more slaves.A trade thourgh North America, Afirca and Europe. If you draw it on a map it makes a triangle. This trade was made when Columbus found North America. They got slaves from Africa, livestock and corn from Europe, and North America had new fruits and veggis, the cocoa bean, and other unknown crops at the time.

How does the triangular trade works?

The triangle trade in the 17th and 18th century worked in this way. Ships from New England (from Salem or Boston) would sail from North America to Africa with cargos of rum to be traded for African slaves. From Africa the cargo of Slaves would sail across the Atlantic to the Caribbean where the slaves would be traded for sugar and molasses. The ship would then sail from the Caribbean (say Jamaica) with its cargo of sugar back to New England where the sugar and molasses would be distilled into rum. And then the cycle would repeat itself.

What was Triangular-trade?

Triangular TradeThis term has been applied to several trade routes where Country 1 ships Product A to Country 2 where it is traded for Product B which is shipped to Country 3 and exchanged for Product C which is then shipped to Country 1 and traded for Product A. The most famous triangular trade route was Slaves from Africa to the CaribbeanSugar and Molasses from the Caribbean to New EnglandRum from New England to Africa.Triangular Trade pertaining to Colonial America, England, Africa, and the West IndiesTriangular trade was the system of trade and transport that various goods took in the time leading to the American Revolution.For example, England transported manufactured goods to the New World, which shipped out various resources. Slaves were transported from Africa to the West Indies, to the New World. England also received resources from the West Indies. There was also a transport of goods between England and Africa.There were various advantages and disadvantages for both the Colonies and England with this system. Ultimately, it benefited England the most, which got:profitscheap resourcesan assured marketsomewhere to dump a surplus of goodsEconomic/Political self-sufficiencycontrol of the gold supplyDisadvantages for England included:having to deal with/investing in the North American Coloniesneeding to pay for the army in thereAdvantages for the Colonies included:access to expensive goodsa guaranteed market for its resourcessupport of the Empire and its armyslavesDisadvantages included:needing to pay high prices for manufactured goodsreceiving low profits from resourcesneeding to pay taxes to support the Empire

Which continents were involved in triangular trade?

slaves were brought from Africa to the west indies where they were put to work producing sugar and molasses. We traded these slaves for rum and guns. Slaves were also brought to North America where they picked cotton and produced tobacco and rum. These goods were shipped to Europe where they were traded for manufactured goods.

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Who traded with Africa?

during the time between the us revolutionary war and the us civil war England traded with Africa.

What three regions did the triangular trade connect?

The triangular trade connected Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Europe traded manufactured goods to Africa, Africa traded slaves to the Americas, and the Americas traded raw materials back to Europe.

What were the three things traded in the triangular trade?

The three main things traded in the triangular trade were slaves from Africa to the Americas, raw materials from the Americas to Europe, and manufactured goods from Europe to Africa.

What products were traded in the triangular traded?

The New England Colonies sent fur, lumber, grain, tobacco, and whale oil to England. England sent iron, silver, tea, spices, and paper to Africa. Africa sent Enslaved Africans and gold to the West Indies. The West Indies sent sugar and molasses to the New England Colonies.

What moved from Africa to America in the triangular trade?

Triangular trade involved Europe, Africa, and the Atlantic. The trade starts in Europe by dispatching commercial goods to Africa to be traded with enslaved Africans that will be traded to raw materials in Atlantic which will be delivered back in Europe.

How did the European get the slaves from Africa?

Europe got slaves from Africa by the triangular trade. Europe traded with Africa, Europe gave Africa guns, rum, gunpowder, and tools. Africa traded back with slaves

Where did New England ships sail to carry on trade?

The coonists traded their goods with the countries, England and Europe. They had triangular trade.

The New England and Middle Colonies traded for gold or slaves in the triangular trade system?


Which three ports in England traded slaves In The Triangular Trade?

Bristol,Liverpoolcertainly and possibly London

Describe the difference between the Middle Passage and the Triangular Trade Route?

The triangular trade route, ships began in New England. They carried guns and other goods to ports on the coast of West Africa. Here, they traded these goods for gold and captive Africans. The ship then sailed for the West Indies. Because it was known as the Middle Passage.

What three continents took part in the triangular trade?

Africa, Europe, and the Americas took part in the triangular trade. Africa supplied slaves to the Americas, the Americas provided raw materials to Europe, and Europe traded finished goods to Africa.

What can you write about in a triangular trade essay?

the triangular trade routes were between europe, america, africa, and the west indies. trade routes were triangle shaped, hence the name triangular trade route. an example: first rum and iron products were traded for captive africans in africa. then, the africans were traded for gold, molasses, and sugar in the west indies. then the sugar and molasses were made into more rum in america, starting the trade again. (if you look at a map, this route is triangle shaped.)