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It is often forgotten that Africa was a very important continent before the Europeans arrived. The African empires of Benin, Songhai and Zimbabwe as well as the ancient Egyptian empire, were rich in culture as well as having vast economic wealth from trading gold and spices.

In the early 16th century, the Portuguese trader Duarte Barboosa said of the east African city Kilwa:

'There were many fair houses of stone and mortar, well organised in streets. Around it were streams and orchards with many channels of sweet water.' Of the people who lived in Kilwa he reported, 'They were finely clad in (wore) many rich clothes of gold and silk, and cotton, and the

women as well; also with much gold and silver in chains and bracelets, which they wore on their legs and arms, and many jewelled earrings in their ears.'

A Dutch traveller to the kingdom of Benin in the early 17th century sent home this report of the capital.

'It looks very big when you enter it for you go into a great broad street, which, though not paved, seems to be seven or eight times broader than the Warmoes Street in Amsterdam. This street continues for about four miles and has no bend in it. At the gate where I went in on horseback, I saw a big wall, very thick and made of earth, with a deep ditch outside. Outside the gate there is a large suburb. Inside as you go along the main street, you can see other broad streets on either side, and these are also straight. The houses in this town stand in good order, one close to the other and evenly placed beside the next, like our houses in Holland.'

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Q: What was the slave trade life like before they were captured?
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