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The original purpose of facebook is to communicate our friends and to see the information of of your friends

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Q: What was the original purpose of Facebook?
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What is the original name of Facebook?


Who face on the original Facebook homepage?

The face that appeared in the original The Facebook site (predecessor to Facebook) was Al Pacino.

How does Facebook achieve its purpose?

The purpose of Facebook is to make a profit for its shareholders, it achieves this by advertising.

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what is original purpose for the dryer. by xavier jones

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How do you get my original Facebook back?

Normally, When you get a new Facebook, You can't go back.

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What was the first original name of facebook?

What is the purpose of the cow on FarmVille on Facebook?

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Their original purpose was to protect their community

What was the purpose to created Facebook?

i believe the purpose of creating facebook was to meet new and other people throught the world and make new friends,... and for the owner to get lots of money.

What is the purpose of the Facebook page Mon Psychiatre Virtuel?

The purpose of the Facebook page for Mon Psychiatre Virtuel is to communicate and exchange information about the topic of psychological disorders or problems.