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The going price, on average, for a hotel room in 1983 was $45.44 for a large chain hotel. Lower chain hotels were considerably cheaper.

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Q: What was the going price for a hotel room in 1983?
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What is the average price to book a hotel conference room?

There is no reasonable price that can be found. You have to know more details, like what size of room you are going to need as well as when you are going to be needing the room as well as for how long.

How much is the standard price of a room at Hotel Allegro?

The cost of the room at Hotel Allegro varies in price. However, overall the hotel is a bit pricey. The cheapest price you can get for a room is 299 dollars.

What was the cost of a hotel room in 1820?

The price of a hotel in 1820 was $999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999

What is the price for a single room of Castle Hotel in Ireland?

The price for a single room of Castle Hotel in Ireland differs on what kind of single room it is. On average, though, the price is at least three hundred dollars, which is pretty good for a 5 star hotel.

What is the average price for a room at Syracuse Hotel?

The average price for a room at the Syracuse Hotel is about $463. However, a room can range from $360.47 to $563.87 depending on season, bed type and amenities.

What is the starting price for a room at the Hotel Park Bergen in Norway?

The starting price for a room at the Hotel Park Bergen in Norway is $175 per night per person. This hotel, however, is considered to be the 4th best hotel in Norway.

What is the price of the lease expensive room available at the London Hotel in New York New York?

It appears the least expensive room starts at $329 a night. It is probably best to call the hotel as there may be special promotions and discounts going on.

What is considered a cheap price for a hotel room?

Typically, a cheap hotel room's price varies on the location. A cheap one would usually be found for $60 or somewhere near that range.

How can an intelligent Receptionist improve average room revenue explain?

By selling every room in the hotel with a reseanable price aproved by the manager of the hotel.

How can someone book a room at the Hotel Lucia in Portland?

Someone can book a room at Hotel Lucia in Portland by calling in advance to book one, on the Hotel Lucia website, or by going to the hotel and booking a room in person.

What was the price for a hotel room in 1927?

About 9 usd.

How much does a room cost at the Watermark hotel?

The Price for a Room at the Watermark Hotel Depends on the Appoinments the Room Should Have. the Club Watermarks Room Costs Between $170 and $210 Per Night.