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cassidy- im a hustla .

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Q: What was the first ringtone to go platinum?
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How do you get your music to be your ringtone on your lg neon?

First you go to the main menu. Then you select "My Stuff." Then you select "Audio." Then you highlight the sound/music you would like to be your ringtone. Then press the "Options" button. Click on "Set As" and select "Ringtone." Then your sound will be your ringtone.

How do you change the ringtone on blackberry curve?

Get the manual, go to the contents and find "Ringtone". If not,go to the glossaryand try "Ringtone" also.

Is the rapper plies platinum?

His ringtone "Shawty" went plat but I don't know about his album.

What is the ringtone on medium?

Ringtone on medium refers to the level of volume. It means that the ringtone is not at its loudest capability, but it is not as long as it could go. The ringtone volume is somewhere in the middle.

How to change my samsung s3 messege ringtone not from the mobiles original tone from another ringtones?

play the ringtone on media player, go to the options, go to set as ringtone.

How do you change the ringtone on Pantech laser?

Go to settings and hit change ringtone.

Rapper Big Pun was the first Puerto Rican rapper to do what?

to go platinum. Cypress hill were the first puerto rican group to go platinum

How do you change your ringtone on a blackberry curve?

First go to the select a profile on the main screen of your curve. press the button and scroll down to the "chance sounds and alerts" button. click on that and go to Sounds for Selected Profile (for phone ringtone): Click "phone-ring tones" press "phone" And pick the ringtone you want. (for MMS and SMS): Click "messages-notifiers" press "text messages" and pick the ringtone you want. Dont forget to save! and there you go.

How do you set our choice of video as ringtone on iPhone 4?

Go to settings, then, then sounds, then ringtone. Assign to a contact.

Where do you find a download ringtone in my iphone5s?

To find your downloaded ringtone for your iPhone 5s you go to where you have downloaded and saved it.

How do you change the ringtone on the Telstra Smart touch T3020?

First off you have to mount your phone up to the computer (So that you can view the files using windows explorer) Then go into media<notifications and just drag and drop the sound clip you want as your ringtone. Once this is done you go into Messages (Not settings) and click menu<select ringtone and it should be in there

How do you change a ringtone for a lg breeze phone?

you go to"my stuff" and click " sounds " then you can scroll down and pick the ringtone you want or click get new ringtone and get it off the internet