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Q: What was the difference between the rich and poor ancient greek houses?
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What was the difference between the rich and the poor ancient Greek?

The differences between the poor houses and the rich houses were that the poor houses did not have fancy rooms or anything like that and the rich houses had store room lovely kitchen they had much better things then the poor houses

What was the main difference between a ancient Greek banquet and an ancient Roman banquet?

The main difference between an Ancient Greek banquet and an Ancient Roman banquet was the number of courses served.

What is the difference between the U.S. government and the Ancient Greek government?

One is the Ancient Greeks' and the other is the U.S.s

What was the difference between ancient Indian clothing to ancient Chinese clothing?

that in ancient China people woresilk not wool like the Greek

Who lived in anicent greek houses?

Ancient Greeks?? .......

What were ancient greek houses made out of?

mud brick

What is the difference between Greek mythology and historical fiction?

Greek mythology is the religion of the ancient Greek people. Historical fiction is composed by a writer.

What is the difference between the elements as envisioned by the ancient Greek philosophers and modern chemists?

ya mum

What is the difference between ancient greek Olympics and the Olympics now?

we dont have horse and chariot racing

What is the similarities between ancient Greek architecture and modern day architecture?

well the roof are different and the houses are made of different materials

Did ancient Greek houses have floors made out of beaten earth?


Is there a difference between heroes from ancient Greece and Maori heroes?

Of course there is. During the Greek antiquity there was no communication between Greece and New Zealand.