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Q: What was the cost of a Winchester model 65 218 bee when it was new?
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Value of Winchester model 43 218 bee?

its a beatiful rifle mm 600.00

Why does Winchester 1892 have a Model 65 Winchester barrel 218 bee cal?

I ran across a gun with the same setup. I have no idea why or what it might be worth either.

What is the value of a model 43 Winchester 218 bee bolt action?

Seen one at the pawn shop for $389.00.. The ammo is about $70.00

What is the value of a Winchester Model 53 218 Bee?

The collector value can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Bert H.

How many Winchester model 65 made in218?

I can start with the fact that total production of the winchester model 65 was only 5,714 rifles made between the years 1933-1947.their serial numbers fall into the range of the model 1892 winchester,s.The .218 bee caliber was introduced in 1939.While the 25-20WCF is the rarest,the .218 Bee is the caliber with the most demand.I hope this helps a little.

What is the value of a model 92 Winchester 218 Bee?

My research indicates the the Winchester model 1892 rifle was not chambered for the .218 Bee,however it was a popular rechambering for the model 1892 rifles whose bores were shot out.This is a possability in your case.I also believe that there were some Winchester model 1892 copy,s that were made by Browning and other manufactures lately.I would say that the value depends on what the market will bring.Anywhere from 350 dollars and up,depending on overall condition.

What calibers were produced in the Winchester model 1892?

The Model 1892 Winchester lever action rifle was made in .218 Bee, .25-20 WCF, .32-20 WCF, .38-40 WCF, and .44-40 WCF. (WCF is Winchester Center Fire). Godbear Tennessee

Value of Winchester mod 43 218 bee?

100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics

What is the value of a Winchester model 65 218 bumblebee?

The collector value of your Model 65 218 BEE (not "bumblebee") can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Old Winchesters are very much like old classic automobiles... the graded condition and factory originality are the key factors in determining what they are truly worth.

What year is a Winchester model 65 - 218 bee with the serial number 1002868 made?

Circa 1938. If you remove the forend stock and magazine tube, you will find a 2-digit year date stamped on the bottom of the barrel.

How many model 65s were produced in 218 Bee caliber?

Can't be answered without knowing the maker's name

Did Winchester arms produce a factory 1892 in caliber 218 bee?

Yes, between 1936-1938 for three years, in five versions. If it is in good original condition not altered