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The average price of a movie ticket in 1945 was 35 cents.

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2009-05-03 18:48:50
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Q: What was the Price of movie ticket in the year of 1945?
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Price of a movie ticket in the year 1973?

50 cents

How much was a movie ticket in the year 1910?

The average price was 7 cents.

How much did a movie ticket cost in 1935?

The average price of a movie ticket in the year 1935 was 24 cents. The average cost of a movie ticket today in 2014 is 8 dollars.

What was the price of movie ticket in the year of 1953?

On average, 45 cents. Adjusting for inflation, that would be $4 in 2016.

What is price for a teenager movie ticket 2013?

The price for a teenager move ticket in the year of 2013 will depend upon what theater a person is visiting. Most move theaters give teenagers a price break; usually around $3 or $4 less than a regular priced ticket.

What is the price of a ticket for a 16 year old at any theme park in UK?

what is the price of a ticket for a 16 year old any where in the uk

5 The cost of an afternoon movie ticket last year was 4.00 This year an afternoon movie ticket costs 5.00 What is the percent increase of the ticket from last year to this year?


How much is an average airline ticket?

The price of an airline ticket depends on many things. The place of departure, time of year, and whether a person is part of a rewards program will all change the price of a ticket. The price of an average ticket could be as small as $50.

What is the Average price of movie theater ticket in the US 2008?

whats the answer Since 2008 is not yet finished an average price for the year is not yet available. According to the MPAA, the average price for a ticket in 2007 was $6.88. As the average ticket has been rising aproximately 20 to 30 cents a year for the past five years it seems safe to estimate 2008's average price at somewhere between $7.08 and $7.18. _______________________________ $7.18 is the correct number.

What year does the movie Radio take place?


What is the face value price for a Super Bowl ticket?

It differs every year...

What is the price for an airline ticket?

It depends mostly on where you want to go, and what time of year it is.

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