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the brain is actually smaller and lighter due to shrinkage.

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What was one of the first biological problems found when scientists began to study the effects of alcoholism on the brain

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Q: What was one of the first biological problems found when scientists began to study the effects of alcoholism on the brain?
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What are the causes and effects of alcoholism?

There is great disagreement as to the causes if alcoholism but not as to the effects of alcoholism. It can cause numerous health, legal, economic, personal and family problems.

How is alcoholism treated by doctors?

The first phase is the treatment of acute effects of alcoholism, called detoxification. The second phase involves learning how to live with the disease of alcoholism.

What does the acronym FAE stand for That has to do with alcoholism?

Fetal Alcohol Effects

What are the effects of alcoholism on teenagers in Northern Ireland?

Good Craic !

Why did the space program launch a chimp into space?

So that scientists could investigate the biological effects of space travel without risking the lives of humans.

Why is Alcoholism so common?

It is readily available, and people enjoy the effects.

What are effects of biological hazards?


How does alcoholism effect other people?

it actually effects other peoples brain

What are the biological effects of eating disorders?

Major weight loss or gain, heart problems, respiratory problems, dizziness and fainting. Just to name a few major ones. Oh, yeah, and there is DEATH.

Toxic or not to peopleare biological pesticides?

Yes, Biological Pesticides have toxic effects on people

What was Die Glocke purpose?

Die Glock was meant to be an anti-gravitational device, but when the scientists discovered is corrosive effects on living things they began experimenting to use it as a biological weapon

How does alcoholism affect offspring?

Alcoholism can have a number of negative effects among offspring. They include a disruptive family life, violence, lower income, broken home, etc.

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