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Q: What was kunta kinte slave name?
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Was Kunta Kinte a Mandingo?

Kunta Kinte was a Mandigo(mandinka) warrior in the from the Guinea, Senegal, and Sierra Leonne region.

What did Kunta Kinte look like?

Kunta Kinte was the fictional ancestor of author Alex Haley in the quasi-historical novel "Roots". He was a composite character of what Haley imagined slaves brought to the United States from Africa were like. According to the story, Kunta Kinte came from the Mandinka tribe of Northwestern Africa; so would have resembled them.

Are there any living descendents of kunta kinte?

As a fictional character from the novel "Roots: The Saga of an American Family" by Alex Haley, Kunta Kinte does not have any living descendants. However, Alex Haley traced his own genealogy back to Kunta Kinte and claimed to be his descendant.

Was kunta kinte real?

It's difficult to say for certain, but Alex Haley was sued for plagiarism by the author of a book called The African. Also, research about Kunta Kinte supposed American history - being named Toby, and the Haley identified slave ship didn't corrospond - Toby has been identified as being in America long before the slave ship was supposed to bring him across. Another problem for Haley is that it was found that the African poet who named Kunta Kinte had previously been coached to relate such a story. Given this evidence, we might fall back on the "this story is symbolic of a truth" statement often used when stories are found to be not entirely true.

What are facts about kunta kinte?

he was a gay man and turned straight when he met this girl named bell