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Any (i think) but the time to upload will vary...

In the meantime check this guy out:

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Android devices accept almost all the video formats available.

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Q: What video format does android accept?
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What video format does the Wii take?

if you put a DVD in the wii, it doesn't accept any video format

Does htc hero Android phone play video in flv format?

Not natively. You can use Adobe Flash Player for Android (Android 2.2+) to view the video in your browser (which, admittedly, is a little complicated), or you can search the Android Market for media players that support FLV videos.

What video formats does a Macintosh accept?

The best video format for Macintosh is .MP4,but .AVI or .3GP are also supported by it.

What video format should I use for YouTube?

Youtube will accept most video formats. You can use wmv, avi, mpg and dvix. I believe it also accepts MPG4, although I have not tried that format myself.

What type of videos do iPods take?

iPods as far as I know only accept videos in mp4 format...but maybe they accept video in other forms..but I wouldn't know :)

How do you use chromecast with Firefox?

Use Firefox for Android to send videos to Chromecast Make sure that your Chromecast is on the same WiFi network as your Android device. Launch Firefox on your Android device, then go to a website with a video format comfartable by Chromecast. ... Tap on a video to start playing it. Tap on the Send to the icon. ... Choose Chromecast on the DeviceSend to Device menu. You'll be able to pause or stop the video directly from your Android device using the controls at the bottom of the screen:

Does android support aac?

Considering that you are talking about media player format i.e. .aac I would what supports such file format are media player. So, media player over Android supports .aac format.

What is Video Star called for Android?

Per Google Play, there doesn't appear to be a Video Star for Android, but there are alternatives available.

How do you get downlaoded songs on to your ipod?

Where did you download the soongs. If it is not mp3 format, iPod won't accept the file. Video Download Studio can help you convert songs to any format including mp3. or u can go to ituens

What is the video file format for psp 3000?

mp4 or PSP Video format

How do you play vob files in android?

VOB files are DVD files. i use powerdvd or vlcmedia player....there are many other players that support DVD files. An internet search will turn up quite a few. VLC media player is free.

What is the format of a video in computer?

AVI format