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Aeroplan is a Canadian based loyalty program owned by Aima. Created in 1984 by Air Canada as an incentive program for their frequent flyers. Travel rewards include upgrades, lounge access, priority services, and bonuses when earning miles through flying.

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Q: What types of reward programs does Aeroplan have?
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Does AAdvantage have reward programs?

Yes, it does. Most of these types of things have reward programs. I would call the company or maybe double check the site and see if they have reward programs for you.

How does aeroplan make money?

has more than 70 commercial partners in the financial, retail and travel sectors. It has four million active members and one of its main partners is, of course, Air Canada. Every time an Aeroplan member flies on Air Canada, or uses a CIBC Aeroplan credit card, or stays in a partner hotel, or fills up at an Imperial Oil (Esso) gas station, the customer "earns" Aeroplan reward miles. What is actually happening is that Aeroplan's commercial partners buy miles from Aeroplan - paying for the benefits of belonging to a popular travel reward program. Aeroplan then credits its members with their miles. Aeroplan makes money from the sale of its Aeroplan Miles to its commercial partners. By the end of 2008, Groupe Aeroplan reported that more than two million rewards had been issued to members, including more than 1.5 million round-trip flights on Air Canada and other Star Alliance carriers. Also, in its annual report in 2008, the company calculated that in the past 25 years, Aeroplan members had accumulated approximately 821 billion miles. Interestingly, Groupe Aeroplan has observed that more reward miles are accumulated in the last six months of any given year, while more miles are redeemed in the first half of any given year. When it comes time to redeem their miles, Aeroplan uses the revenue it has received from its partners to buy preferentially priced Air Canada seats or a host of other rewards. Aeroplan makes money on the spread between what it sells its points for and what it costs the program to buy the relevant reward. It also makes money by managing the rewards program for Air Canada. It further benefits from what is known in the industry as breakage - the estimated 17 per cent of Aeroplan miles that will never be redeemed.

Where can one earn Aeroplan Miles?

Aeroplan Miles can be earned from many different sources, including Lufthansa , Home Hardware and Esso. A full list of companies where you can earn Aeroplan Miles is available on the Aeroplan Website.

What types of discounts does Hertz car rental offer?

Hertz car rental offers a number of discounts to Canadian Automobile Members including $50 off monthly rentals, and Aeroplan members can get up to 35% off and bonus Aeroplan miles.

Where can one find travel reward programs for credit cards?

Travel rewards programs are included with many different credit cards. Some credit cards that have travel reward programs include Delta, Capital One, and Citi.

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Where can I find hotel reward programs for business travel?

There are a ton of hotel reward programs for business travel. You just need to go to the hotel website and sign up for their loyalty program. The Hilton honors is a popular for example.

What is the full form of Saab?

Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget

What is the metal used for aeroplan body manufacturing?


What types of rewards can be received from reward credit cards?

Different companies and cards offer different reward programs. Some offer reward points that can then be traded for prizes. Others may offer a percentage cashback, either in the form of a check or discount from a monthly bill. Some credit cards offer airmiles or points for other travel plans. Another reward may be a lower rate or interest or interest-free balance transfers.

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