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There are a few credit cards offered by NAB. Some of these cards include, but are not limited to; Qantas, Velocity, NAB premium, Low Rate, and Low Fee cards.

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Q: What types of credit cards are offered by NAB?
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What services does the site NAB online offer?

The NAB online site offers personal banking services. This site allows one to get information on loans, credit cards, investments, their accounts, and financial advice.

Which are the major Australian banks that offer credit cards?

Most of the major Australian banks do offer credit cards. Some of the banks that do offer them include the "big four" banks of ANZ, Westpac, Major St. George and NAB.

What are some of the interest rates on the NAB website?

There interest rates on the NAB website for credit cards using balance transfers is 1%. The NAB Low Rate card offers interest rates of 13.99% per year on purchases and 21.74% per year on cash advances.

How can one apply for a NAB credit card?

To apply for an NAB credit card you must be 18 and have good credit. You can apply online at their website or fill out a paper application to mail in if there is an application fee.

Can you use nab visa card in New Zealand?

Short answer yes, credit cards are usable in most countries in the world. But your purchases will be converted into US dollars before being re-converted to your local currency. And your local Visa office, or NAB will advise you on the policies.

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Where can we find any interest free credit cards with the following banks NAB ANZ HSBC and Suncorp?

You can either browse the the bank's website, phone the bank or visit the bank in person. Remember that if visiting a bank in person, they will usually require some form of ID, so don't forget.

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