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Who knows? There's really no "type of woman" who loves fat boys, black boys, skinny boys, white boys, etc. You just have to meet women and see. It always helps if you like yourself!

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Q: What type of woman love fat and black boys?
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A gipsy woman is a woman that believes in and uses black magic. Black magic is a type of magic that is only used by the Devil.

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A gipsy woman is a woman that believes in and uses black magic. Black magic is a type of magic that is only used by the Devil.

Why do black women have children with no fathers?

beacuase the majority of black woman (not me) want some type of thugish type boy not man boy

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Answer: And what type of girl do blue, red or green boys like? same answer. Its different from person to person!

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What type of footwear did Julia Roberts wear in the beginning of Pretty Woman?

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Its not that only skinny people get love, but boys are just ignorant to the fact that even people that are on the heavier side are beautiful too. I believe that if there is a beautiful person, but she/he is on the heavier side, then there is more to love :) It is not just boys, girls can accused of the same type of bias.

What does Thank you mean from a woman that hears I love you from the man?

1) it means she is not ready for the "I love you" type of commitment 2) girl is caught by surprise and panicked

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Which type of boys do a girl like when she tells lots of boys that she likes them as a joke and expresses her emotions out loud such as who she likes?

I am a girl and I do this all the time. I tell random guys that I am in love with them as a joke (but sometimes I have alittle crush on them) And yet I tell everyone who I like. It matters who the girl is. You can't really tell unless the type of boys she says she likes as a joke are all the same type of guys.